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Boron Nitride Powder & Coatings
Boron Nitride Powder & Coatings

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Hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) is a synthetic material with similar properties to graphite, and is sometimes referred to as “white graphite.” Asbury Carbons has launched a line of high performance hBN coatings featuring a unique high-temperature binder, resulting in a thermally-conductive, lubricating, temperature resistant coating. Asbury’s Borokote line is ideal for applications requiring a coating where the presence of carbon and/or a black color are problematic. The Borokote line is also available tinted with a high-temperature blue indicator for easy visibility on white ceramic substrates. The BTBN5003 powder used in our Borokote line is a high purity, de-agglomerated hBN powder with a typical particle size of ~3 microns. Key properties of this versatile, white crystalline powder include: • excellent lubricity and release properties • thermal conductivity • high temperature resistance • virtually chemically inert • electrically insulating

For additional information regarding the sizes available in powder and the Borokotes line, please feel free to email the Product Manager.

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