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Since 1895, the World's Carbon and Graphite Source


Graphite is one of the three familiar naturally occurring forms of the chemical element carbon. The two other varieties are amorphous carbon (not to be confused with amorphous graphite) and diamond.

Industrial Lubricants

Asbury offers a comprehensive line of water- and solvent-based graphite coatings, formulated to maximize dry lubrication, release properties, electrical conductivity or thermal resistance, depending on the demands of your application.

Nanographite / Graphene Precursor

The term “nano” is applied to a new variety of materials that are composed of primary particles with maximum dimensions that are typically below 1 micrometer (µm:10-6m).

Featured Product

Boron Nitride Powder & Coatings
Hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) is a synthetic material with similar properties to graphite, and is sometimes referred to as “white graphite.” Asbury Carbons has launched a line of high performance hBN coatings featuring a unique high-temperature binder, resulting in a thermally-conductive, lubricating, temperature resistant coating. Asbury’s Borokote line is ideal for applications requiring a coating where the presence of carbon and/or a black color are problematic. The Borokote line is also available tinted with a high-temperature blue indicator for easy visibility on white ceramic substrates.